‘Blinds blinds & blinds’

Blinds for a sleek and modern look

Blinds come in a variety of styles including Roller, Roman, Venetian, Vertical and Panel Glide, as well innovative designs such as Sheer Vision and Veri Shade to name a few. Blinds are an effective way to insulate windows and doors around the home or office. Some styles offer clear advantages over others depending on the location and use. Coastal Window Coverings can provide practical solutions and options to suit all configurations and budgets. Choose from block out, translucent and sunscreen fabrics in a range of colours, patterns and textures. The following is a guide to the five most common blind styles.

Roller blinds - Simple and modern

Roller blinds are a cost-effective and practical way to cover windows and operated by rolling up and down via a chain control (as standard) or electric motor. They can be adapted to suit most window arrangements with options that include: spring assist, linked or dual brackets, pelmets / head cassettes and bottom rails in a variety of finishes.

Roman blinds - Stylish and elegant

Roman blinds fold into layered horizontal sections and operated by either a cord lock or chain control system. The advantage of Roman blinds over other blind types is that they can be custom-made using curtain fabrics as well as blind fabrics. Their sleek shape is maintained via sturdy battens, available in three choices: Plantation - visible timber slats; Sewless - aluminium at back; and Classic - sewn pockets.

Panel glides - Ultra-modern and versatile

Panel Glides operate on a track system whereby each panel slides in a dedicated slot and stacks effortlessly in-line with the other. Perfect for doorways, the number and width of panels can be decided by diving the space into 2, 3, 4 or 5 track systems allowing configurations of up to 10 panels when using a split arrangement. Some fabrics do require battens to help maintain shape, which can be used advantageously for effect (either hidden or exposed). Pelmets are also available in a range of trim styles.

Venetian blinds - Sleek and flexible

Venetian blinds are more suited to windows and provide the flexibility to control light intensity by simply tilting blades up or down using a cord. Adjust the blades to reduce glare while maintaining a view or close for privacy. Made from a choice of Basswood, PVC or Aluminium in a range of colours with 25mm to 63mm blades. The head rail is made from steel and most systems include a pelmet.

Vertical drapes - Economical and practical

Vertical drapes are cost effective and particularly practical for covering doorways on a budget. Blades hang vertically from an aluminium track and operate by sliding in a sideways motion via wand or cord control. The blades can be bunched for open access, closed for privacy or rotated nearly 180° to control light. They are manufactured to specific stacking arrangements such as: split, centred, bunched left or right. The modern blades use chainless weights to maintain a clean, tangle-free look and are available as 89mm or 127mm widths in a variety of fabrics, colours, patterns and textures. For the finishing touches, a fabric insert can be added into the track face or a matching pelmet fitted as an option.