‘Curtain drapes, sheers, linings and tracks’

Curtains for elegance and privacy

Curtains are an effective way to decorate a room while providing insulation, protection and privacy. With an abundance of fabrics and tracking systems available Coastal Window Coverings can help customers create the ultimate in elegance and privacy. We understand fabrics and how best to transform them into beautiful practical solutions. Choose from the latest fabrics, colours, patterns, textures and styles. Curtains are custom made for a perfect fit and sewn locally by experienced machinists.

Things to consider

When choosing to decorate with curtains there are many options to consider, from the basic elements through to finishing touches such as pelmets, valances, side drapes and tie backs. The three basic elements for custom-made curtains are: fabric, track system and pleat style. The following is a guide.


The number of fabric choices can be overwhelming but are essentially classified into various categories such as Drapery (Blockout, Uncoated, Dim Out) Sheers, Linings and Prints to name a few.

Sheer fabrics are generally transparent, albeit in various thicknesses, and available in a range of weaves, striped weaves, textures and colours. They can be used as stand alone curtains providing daytime privacy or paired with a lining for added sun protection and privacy at night.

Dim Out fabrics are room darkening. Also known as triple weave, they are constructed in three layers consisting of the face design, black through the middle and plain on the back. Available in a variety of designs, textures and colours, they are a softer style of drape and generally feel more luxurious than a blockout due to not having a stiff coating.

Blockout fabrics are designed to protect against the sun and achieve the highest level of room darkness. There are a broad choice of designs, colours and textures available and for superior quality we highly recommend Australian made.

Linings are used as a backing to protect sheers or uncoated fabrics. They generally look very plain and not intended to be used as a stand-alone curtain. They are available as Blockout, in limited colour choices, or Dim Out (triple weave) in a broader colour range – perfect for complimenting coloured sheers.

CoastalWC have three preferred suppliers for fabrics. Our collection has been simplified to a range that is suited to the Sunshine Coast lifestyle and climate. To see fabric examples and colours visit our trusted supplier websites: Wilson www.wilsonfabrics.com.au, Warwick www.warwick.com.au Nettex (sorry registered customers only)

Pleat styles

The pleat style forms the curtain head and sets the tone for how the fabric will hang and bunch. There are 4 common styles being Box, Pinch, S-wave and Gathered. Specialised tape is sewn into the head to help maintain shape and provide a carrier for hooks. The pleat and head tape therefore can also be determined by the track system and fitment, due to restrictions or for aesthetic reasons.

Double pinch pleat

Triple pinch pleat

Box Pleat

Pencil pleat curtain head for gathered linings

Tracks and rod sliders

Modern tracks and rods have snap in gliders to make operation smooth and effortless. Tracks come in a variety of styles and colours and can be installed with single or double brackets to create more options of combining sheers with curtains or linings. Most quality tracks are made from extruded aluminium and depending on the style can be bent or curved to fit bay and corner window applications. Most tracks are hand drawn as standard with cord or motorised control options. For commercial purposes such as hotels, clubs, motels, stage and theatres, heavy duty tracking systems use wheel carriers for heavier loads and constant use. Additional mounting options on some tracks cater to suspended or high ceilings. The following show some of the common residential style rod and track options.

Close up of rod slider

Rod slider with S-wave

Double track with sheer and lining

Double rod with sheer and lining